Wisconsin Game Preserve Association


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Pheasant Hunting

The W.G.P.A. provides many services to its members. The association is very active in state and federal government. You will get regular updates on all pending legislation that may affect your business.

In addition, the W.G.P.A. has a lobbyist that works on their behalf. This lobbyist can offer advice on most governmental issues that come up. The W.G.P.A has a great lobbyists who cares deeply about the association, its values, and its beliefs.

You will also receive a bi-annual newsletter which will keep you informed of all the latest happenings in the state. Along with this newsletter you will receive a directory of all the current members. It’s a great tool for networking.

By joining the W.G.P.A. today, you can be part of this great association and enjoy all the services associated with it.

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